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Shawsheen Square

Conceived as an idyllic “Garden Suburb” in the early 20th Century, Shawsheen Village, seemed like a “fairy-land” to local residents and visitors alike.

There was nothing haphazard. Nothing was left to chance. Everything was carefully planned.

To quote the Andover Townsman in 1923:
“Now one sees Shawsheen Village with a full appreciation of its impressiveness and beauty…a remarkable achievement in community design and execution.”

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Entrance to Poor Street
Existing one-way street with on-street parking. Local retail fronts this intersection. Lacks pedestrian amenities in the plaza.
The "Heart" of Shawsheen Village at Routes 28 & 133
This intersection accomodates five streets, has painted crosswalks, and a traffic signal. It is dominated by large expanses of pavement and is currently a high-crash location.
Hussey's Pond
Once served power to a nearby saw mill and was an important social center. It is now inaccessible.
Signage can make a difference
An aerial view of Shawsheen Square. Good Bones
Today, one can see the guiding design principles throughout all of Shawsheen Village.
Pavements and drainage
Small improvements can make a big difference
Traffic systems need upgrading Signage can be improved
Street furniture looks tired Cracked pedestrian ways
More good bones lift the area The Intersection
Among the top 100 most accident-prone in Massachusetts
Signage can make a difference
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