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Main Street

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Wood Memorial Park
Cracked sidewalks and fencing are in need of repair. Plans for a redesign of the park present new opportunities.
Mature landscaping and stone walls
The residential uses in this area are buffered by mature trees and stone walls that front the street.
"Gateway" to River
A recent warrant article at a town meeting identified a location for a future bridge connection of the Shawsheen River to a nearby park.
Plaques identifying the history of the area
The area has several plaques that identify the history of Shawsheen Village and the Wood family.
Typical North Main Street View
Wide four lane roadway leaves insufficient room for landscape amenities.
South of the Village
The sidewalks adjacent to this four lane road are in need of repair.  Some walls line the edges of the streetscape and also need repair in some locations.
Poor's Pond
The Pond and the former boat house are located at the rar of the First Church of Christian Scientists at 278 North Main Street.
Main Street Looking South
Toward 28 / 133 intersection.
Good bones on the right, high speed in the middle.
An aerial view of Main Street. Bus Stop at 28/133 intersection
Cracked pavements

Main Street Looking South Toward Andover
40 MPH zone at high speed

Good Bones South of 28/133 intersection
Original stone fences
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