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Balmoral Spa

The Balmoral Spa “Makes You Feel Good”

1920 – Balmoral Spa built by industrialist William Madison Wood as part of model community.
1951 – Purchased by Andover companies.
1957 – Added Center and South additions.
1970 – Added two wings.
1996 – Purchased by Tactician Corporation as a technology center.

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Balmoral Spa
Arguably the region's most important building, Balmoral Spa will become a vital, public center featuring upscale retail, healthcare and office facilities, re-vitalizing the historic Shawsheen Village.
The Balmoral Spa "Theater"
Restored to original designs to classic greek proportions and featuring five original chandeliers, this fabulous room is now used as a business meeting facility.
Front Pediment
Designed and accurately built according to Georgian Revival principles, the Balmoral Spa features Palladian concepts true to classical proportions.
This beautiful, wood-paneled boardroom on the 2nd floor was the seat of business for the Andover Companies.
Balmoral Spa Looking North
Beautiful Shawsheen River is a "Best Kept" Secret
The river will soon be a public amenity with access from the Balmoral Spa.
Balmoral Spa - Artists impression
Artist Kathleen McNally painted this view - the only way to envision the full breadth of the building
River View
A future vista while having a coffee
Balmoral Spa from the North West
River Habitat
A protected place for critters as well as for people to look at.
Original Columns on the North of Balmoral Spa
Nearly 100 years of history - still the same columns
River Tranquility
Escape from a busy world
Balmoral Spa Aerial View
With Shawsheen River to the East
Balmoral Spa
As seen from the river
Balmoral Spa from the West
Shows rear of building and Shawsheen River.
Easy Access
The Balmoral Spa is some 20 miles north of Boston with good access from major arteries.
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