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Balmoral Spa

“Balmoral Spa” was the centerpiece of The Shawsheen Village, built between 1919 and 1924 by William Madison Wood, the early 20th century textile industrialist, at one time the wealthiest man in the United States.

At the time of this development the Editor of the Andover Townsman described the Shawsheen Village as “a scientifically and artistically planned village, the like of which exists nowhere else in this country and perhaps… in no other country on the globe. It instantly arrests the attention of all whose thoughts and activities are identified with civic projects.”

Balmoral Spa is still surrounded by this history – to the west Wood’s estate still overlooks the village, to the east, playing fields, Andover Town to the south is a thriving, wealthy community.

To quote Mills and Mansions: “The Balmoral Spa…was one of the most architecturally significant buildings in the (Shawsheen) Village. Adden & Parker designed this …building in the Georgian Revival style. The ground floor housed the village drug store, an opulent establishment with marble columns and inlaid tile floors. On the second floor were located a barbershop, a hairdresser, additional offices and a large public hall. The latter was used for dancing, occasional live theatre and motion pictures.

In summer the Balmoral Spa was the busiest building in the square. Its sidewalk terrace, with tables and gaily colored beach umbrellas, was located at the front of the building, facing Balmoral Street. At the other end was an outdoor dance pavilion with live music on the weekends. At fifty-five cents per person, the pavilion quickly proved to be the most popular dance facility in the region. Along the bank of the river were docking facilities, canoes and rowboats.

…Wood was tremendously proud of the Spa and its facilities, which included outdoor tennis courts among the east bank of the river on Balmoral Street. He boasted that the Spa was “the only place north of Boston where a man could buy a dollar cigar.”

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Boat Landing and Balmoral Spa
The Shawsheen River was once accessible for the enjoyment of visitors to the balmoral Spa.

Pharmacy & Balmoral Spa
The model T-Fords, neon signs and beautiful street lamps are gone, but the building is still there for everyone to enjoy.
Balmoral Spa, September 10, 1921
The decorations were in honor of Wood's return from a European tour.
Shawsheen Pharmacy and Balmoral Spa
Frontage onto the Main Street "Boulevard" with open entrances and public spaces.
Interior of Balmoral Spa
Exceptional quality, fabulous finish.
"The only place north of Boston where a man could buy a dollar cigar." .William Wood.
Balmoral Tennis Courts, rear of Shawsheen Pharmacy
Now a car park - soon a Piazza.
Dancing at the "Spa"
Rowing on Shawsheen
Looking south on Shawsheen River with Balmoral Spa Jetty on the right.
Dancing Under the Stars
The back of the Balmoral Spa will once again be a place for people to get together.
Balmoral Spa
Another view of cars and kids (on a bike).
Miss Shawsheen
From the 1920's - a place of
fame and celebration.
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